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  • Raleigh Educational Article of the Month - What is the best bait to trap a house mouse?

What is the best bait to trap a house mouse?

What is the best bait to trap a house mouse?

A house mouse is one of the Raleigh house pests that man has been living with for centuries now. It seems like these North Carolina animals would like to live as long as man lives in this earth – or longer. Man has also been very creative in designing methods to get rid of house mouse. But why are they so pestering that everyone wants to get rid of them?

Reasons why get rid of house mouse
• They are unsanitary animals. They feed on garbage and left over foods.
• They are possible carriers of diseases like leptospirosis, diarrhea, rabies and other illnesses.
• They gnawed on wiring that can cause fire accidents.
• They destroy house wall, ceilings and other places in the house where they build their nests.
• They destroy farms, contaminate water ways and other food and water sources.

Trapping a house mouse
A live trap, one-way exclusion funnel and rattraps are among the common equipment that man uses to get rid of Raleigh house mouse. In every trap, there must be a good bait to attract mouse and let it walk through the trap. The following are among the best bait to trap a mouse.

Best bait to trap a mouse
• A piece of cheese. This is a classic bait. The Tom and Jerry show and almost all stories with North Carolina mouse in it use this bait to trap a house mouse. But why cheese? Cheese has a very delicious smell that can attract mouse even from a distance. Its creamy and salty taste will surely lure the animals in getting into the trap.
• A piece of bread or breadcrumbs.This is also an effective mouse bait as it has also delicious taste and smell. It I recommended to use a toasted bread to allow the mouse to gnaw on its way to the trap.
• Flavored crackers. Mouse love flavors. They smell it good and get immediately attracted to these foods. They also like crisp foods for chewing.
• Dried or fresh fruit. Although ants will be the first ones to get by these traps, dried and fresh fruits are also appealing to house mouse’ taste.

After trapping a house mouse
Your duties do not end once the Raleigh mouse is trapped. There is another part of the plan that you need to accomplish – to get rid of the captured animal. If it is still alive, it is up to you to let it out somewhere else. Once it is dead, it must be disposed of properly.

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