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  • Raleigh Educational Article of the Month - What to do about a raccoon under the porch

What to do about a raccoon under the porch

What to do about a raccoon under the porch

It is very discouraging and irrigating when you hear noises or raccoons at night especially under the porch. You shall have a hard time sleeping especially if there are young ones in the brood. You need not to worry since there are different ways you can use to eliminate the raccoons without killing them.

You need to know that raccoons:
• Are violent and once they notice you want to kill them, they become aggressive and can cause harm in form of scratching and biting.
• Are known to have rabies and is infectious
• Become active at night and will cause harm to your garden and mess the dustbin
Many people think of killing the raccoons at the sight of it. However, you can choose to eliminate them in different ways and they shall vacate from your Raleigh porch.

Disturb the sleep with loud noises
Raccoons love to sleep especially during the day, and they hardly want any form for disturbance. This is the best time to utilize and this means making loads of noises and this can be in form of music all day. This shall lead them to vacate since they cannot sleep well.

Ensure there is enough lighting especially at night
Raccoons do not want any light and this makes it harder for them to sleep. The porch is a dark place and this is the reason they find it appealing. However, make this change by ensuring there is light all day and night. Use the brightest light you can find with the aim of eliminating the North Carolina raccoons.

Make your presence known
When you hardly use the porch, this is the best place the Raleigh raccoons will come to hide. However, if you make your presence known, it becomes very hard for the North Carloina raccoons to be in your presence. This means you need to keep on manning the Raleigh area, and it shall make it harder for the raccoons to live. You should make your presence as commanding as possible and this gives you the chance of limiting any activities, making them uncomfortable.

Call animal rehabilitator
You can find it hard to eliminate the Raleigh raccoons and you may think it is easy when you kill them. However, this shall not need to happen when you decide to invest in a rehabilitator. It is the duty of the rehabilitator to rescue these animals and ensure their safety. Connect with them to learn different ways of keeping your porch free from raccoons.

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