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Do Squirrel Make Good Pets?

Do Squirrel Make Good Pets?

The squirrels are adorable animals and they can be highly entertaining to human. These smart animals are known for their ability to play chase and even embarking on constant foraging discovery through burying. The huge fluffy tail of squirrel is among the things that made it quite entertaining to look upon. They equally climb trees, fences made of wood and others with ease. These are the reasons why people often ask, “Do North Carolina squirrel make good pets” as they love to enjoy the fun and entertaining display of this natural creature.

What You Must Know About Squirrel before Keeping It as Adult
Squirrels are in the rodent family known as the Rodentia and they have been in existence for more than 50 million years. This has made it easy for them to adapt with human inhabitation. The main diet of Raleigh squirrels include: Seeds, nuts, craps, fruits and others. The winter season is the mating season of squirrel and also known as their most active season. The babies are attractively beautiful to be preserved as pet, but you should not consider looks alone when it comes to keep squirrel as pet as look can be deceiving.

The Truth You Need To Know about Squirrels before Keeping Them as Pet
The truth is that North Carolina squirrel normally gets used to human within the first 6 month of their birth. They will start showing affection and even dependent on human for food. However, when they reach 6 months of their birth they will start to develop claws together with longer and sharper teeth. These features can make them to inflict wound on the owner unintentionally. They can even become hazardous to pets and even furniture in the home. Pet squirrel can even bit your child on the finger down to born which can dangerous.

The Aggressive and Harmful Behavior of Squirrel
Since squirrels are wild North Carolina animals, they can exhibit aggressive and harmful behavior at the time of their mating season. They may not really intend to harm you or your children but will find themselves doing that due to the fact they are not equipped to be domesticated. That is among the reasons why keeping a Raleigh squirrel as pets is not advisable at all.

Know That Some State’s Legislation Is against Keeping Squirrel as Pets
Depending on your country of states, keeping wild life as pets may be legal or illegal. If you are currently in the United States, you should not even think of keeping squirrel as pet as that is considered a criminal offense which can put you behind bars for up to 2 years. So, you can confirm the legislation of your country or locality.

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